Children Can Change Everything

Everyone talks about how important it is to make a better future for our children. What they are missing is the fact that our children ARE the future. They shouldn't fear the world around them. They should be taught to never judge, to never be afraid of feeling emotions. To have a voice. To stand up for others. To have compassion. To love unconditionally. To never give up on love. Children are born pure. They are born with the right mentalities. They are on this earth to live, and to be happy living. They have imagination, which as adults, we need to keep ourselves sane. Teach your children to let their inner child thrive, and to never let go of them. 

Leoh is the best big brother I could ask him to be. This is because of his compassion. If his little brother is crying, he runs as fast as he can to him yelling "Hudson! Leoh's here! Leoh's here!". He hugs and kisses him, over and over again. He never stops. This is the love I want him to feel. I want him to love with all of his being. To protect. I want him to grow up as a man, to love another like this one day. To respect them in such a way, that he never would allow them to cry alone. I want him to help others. Hudson watches his every move. I know that I've raised my Leoh to be the best role model for Hudson.